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Another visit to Whitley Bay


From: Ashley Frieze
Subject: Apostrophes

Hi Paul,

You responded to my article on Apostrophell "Foxed" with a rebuttal of my claim that your taxi company has a sign reading "Foxhunters Taxi's". In my response to your email I gave you the benefit of the doubt, especially since you are clearly not responsible for the name "Foxhunters".

I happened to be in Whitley Bay on Monday and noticed your sign again. Standing at the entrance to Whitley Bay Metro station and looking across the road, the sign above the shop definitely has "Taxi's" on it.

Now, this is not completely wrong. Taxi is an abbreviation of Taxicab and you could easily argue that your sign would read "Taxicabs" and that the apostrophe is simply a substitute for the "cab" bit of that. Therefore, I think you should be saved from the fiery pits of apostrophell (as it were). However, it's clear that you've spent money on getting that apostrophe put on the sign, and you could easily have omitted it and had a cheaper sign. 

I was wondering if you would care to share with our readers the cost of this apostrophe? You must have spent a certain amount on the sign, and the needless apostrophe makes up a part of that value - how much could you have saved? Perhaps this will serve as an example to other readers, who may not realise the hidden costs of incorrect or superfluous punctuation. 

I look forward to your comments on this, and hope you take this email in the spirit in which it is sent.



For more apostrophe costs, check out another example from the site, the now defunct "A Table In Tuscany" restaurant.

24 April 2002
Ashley Frieze