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I just received word from one of the chaps at Foxhunters Taxis of Whitley Bay. I originally wrote about them in the article "Foxed" on this site. Here is the email I received:


Hi there, I notice that you were 'foxed' whilst passing my taxi office in Whitley Bay.

Just to clear a couple of points up with regard your observations. I don't know if you are local to Whitley Bay or not, but we originally started life in an area called Foxhunters Trading Estate. This trading estate was so named because of the streets nearby. You have Cotswold Drive, Haydon Drive, Zetland Drive etc.., all these streets are named after famous fox hunts. Next step, some trading estate naming boffin at North Tyneside Council decides to call the new trading estate Foxhunters.

So there you have it Foxhunters Taxis, no apostrophes intended. Our main office at 21 Station Road is pictured on the website and the sign is apostrophe-less.

Apart from all the above, I must add that I felt very flattered to appear on your extremely funny site.

Regards Paul Irwin.

Good letter! Informed, articulate, even gracious, despite having been under-fire from the brimstone in apostrophell (yes... I liked the compliment on the last line). Having considered the letter, it seems only reasonable to pass the blame to the "naming boffin" at the council. This evil soul, as well as naming estates after a blood sport, appears to have done so without appropriate use of punctuation... I applaud Mr Irwin's efforts to set the record straight.

The only question mark over this matter is the issue of the sign I saw. I believe I read a sign "Foxhunters Taxi's". As Mr Irwin agreed, there's no apostrophe required for the name of his business - perhaps I misread the sign. Perhaps it has been replaced. I will have to have a look next time I am over in Whitley Bay.

So, I revoke my call to choose the bus over the Whitley Bay taxicab! Mr Irwin, flattery will get you anywhere in apostrophell.

01 March 2002
Ashley Frieze