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Any more puns about wrappings and Safeway and I'll be under arrest...

There are two main reasons I bother writing backlash articles. I like to think that I can change something by standing up to be counted and expressing my views. I also like to vent my spleen (as it were) and get annoyances out of my system.

In the matter of Ashley vs Safeway on the subject of their bread packaging, I prefer to think that I started the whole discussion because there was a problem that my complaining may solve. I am, of course, referring to the incomplete packaging of french sticks and the sealed in moisture of stotties, sold by my local branch of Safeway. Although I started out by just moaning about it, I decided to send an initial letter back in May, and I received a reply in July (to which I immediately replied myself). I was, therefore, thrilled to receive the letter that follows. I think that this is the best response I could have received, assuming that it actually results in the changes which are suggested.

Dear Mr Frieze

I am very sorry that I misunderstood the complaints raied in your letter. I appreciate the opportunity to rectify my mistake.

I have spoken again to Mike Ryder from the Bakery and repeated the comments in your second letter. Mike has told me that the stotties should not be wrapped whilst still warm because, as you correctly pointed out this will cause condensation. Mike has promised to reiterate to his staff the importance of leaving the stottie to cool before wrapping.

The current policy on wrapping the french sticks does indeed come from Head Offic. Therefore I have altered the log opened under your reference number and I have added that you would prefer the wrapping on the sticks to be larger and completely cover the stick. In addition, I have added that your cannot avoid contact wih the trolley and conveyor belt, and get the bread home without getting them dirty.

When I mentioned your concern to Mike he immediately offered to wrap them completely in the Bakery. Simply ask any member of staff and they will be happy to do this for you.

I hope that between us Mike and I have solved your problems. We always welcome our customers comments and opinions. It is only by listening to them that we can continue to improve our standards and service.

Yours sincerely

Hayley Martin
Customer Service Department

I am so blinded by appreciation for the attempts Ms Martin has made to solve my problems, that I'll not even start to go into the errors in punctuation and syntax in the above letter. It is probably for the best that I avoid mentioning the missed commas and apostrophe, and the lack of coherence in some sentences, where she changes context part way through...

05 August 2001
Ashley Frieze