A call to arms home

To arm's what?

Welcome to apostrophell. Whether a linguaphile (lover of language - or lover of tongues, I can't remember) or just an innocent bystander, I challenge you to join the revolution.

The little apostrophe, barely a mark on the page, has never harmed anyone. Yet, despite its innocuous behaviour, it is being abused by people everywhere. The liberty of the humble apostrophe is constantly under threat from greengrocers, newspaper publishers, professional signwriters, amateur signwriters and fools with expensive computers and no brains.

We must, therefore, take a stand. If you see an apostrophe being abused, complain to the abuser and send me the details. In addition, if you run or know of an apostrophe related site, let me know about it so that I can establish links with it.

Apostrophell - together we can fight it.

15 December 2000
Ashley Frieze