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The Deep, Dark Secret of the Apostrophe by Kaz
A discursive page that indicates its author's opinions about making words like "CD" into their plural. This even hints at government conspiracy... which is nice.
Sharon Colon's Apostrophe Page
The mysterious Sharon exposes typographic and apostrophe-related errors from a variety of sources. There are several fun pictures here alongside cuttings from various publications. This is a woman who will not be entering apostrophell!
The Apostrophe by Emu
A straightforward guide to apostrophe usage. While this misses out a number of awkward questions, it presents its content in an approachable and concise fashion.
The Apostrophe by Tiziana Fabius
A site that is critical and yet also quite pleasant. The guide to apostrophes is put forward well.
Questions on Apostrophes - from the NCSU Grammar Hotline
Here is a place to find out about making non-plural nouns that end in s into their possessive form.
Leeds Metropolitan University's Guide to Apostrophes
Covers some of my favourite questions like how to make "PC" into the plural and "James's vs James'", plus has links to other sites, including an apostrophe test and other articles

General Language Related

A site for linguaphiles. This includes the WordADay mailing list, anagram generator and discussion board - a must for the linguaphile!
That's Right
Articles on grammar and punctuation. I've yet to review this site properly, but it looks promising.
North Carolina State University Grammar Hotline
I've always wanted a service like this. Submit your grammar quandaries and their experienced team will solve them for you. Nice!

Last updated: 13 July 2005
Ashley Frieze