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The Bibulator
(bye-b-you-lay-tor) hear the word of the computer-generated scriptures. Not for the faint-hearted or religious zealots.
The Nth Commandment
the computer-generated scriptures provide us with the lesser known imperatives from the Lord. Not for the faint-hearted or religious zealots.
The Haikulator
Randomly generated haiku-poetry. Refresh the haikulator again and again for updates.
The Chartulator
Randomly generated song hit parade. See what they'll not be singing anymore soon enough.
The Waffle
Some random waffle that didn't deserve to be on my blog for so long.

For your delectation...

Fat Sweaty Ball of Pus
A story about a real hero, with very poor hygiene.
Holiday Fun:
Edinburgh Fringe - various visits
London, December 2002: capturing a couple of days between work and Christmas.
Abroad in Dublin: a story of a visit to the Emerald Isle - April 2002
Holiday to Adventure: An ancient travelog - May 1998
The Letter Zone
A series of amusing or nostalgic letters

For the waterbuffalo...

Ronan's Admission
Mr Keating finally comes clean about his addiction to glue-sniffing.
Love Song
A song about true love
The best chainletter in the world... ever!
Super Paper
At last, the perfect tissue paper for all household needs.
Learning to drive
It takes time and patience to learn to drive.
When a man faces a chasm on a string.

Updated: 08 September 2004
Ashley Frieze