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I found this hiding on my hard disk...

This is an example of a letter that pulls no punches. I don't remember writing it, but it gave me a wee laugh. If you can be this frank, then you are probably a well-balanced individual. I'm not sure what happened about this, but here is my letter to British Gas.

Dear British Gas,

What is going on with my account

[Quoted account number]

Have you set up the direct debit properly now? It should be set in my name - Ashley Frieze at my TSB account.

You sent me a letter today saying that you are already collecting under an existing mandate. You're not! That one was stopped in June and you never bothered to send me a new form when I took over the account - despite my asking…

Please write to me confirming every detail of how much I currently owe you, which direct debit you are using and the colour of the gas-man's pyjamas… I want to know that YOU have got it right this time. I cannot be bothered to wait for your system to sort itself out.

Ashley Frieze.

I think they got off lightly. :)

Written: 17 December 1996
Posted: 04 March 2002
Ashley Frieze