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Looking back over the backlash articles, I can't help but notice the abundance of moans about shopping. In fact, Asda probably deserves its own section, the number of times it gets a mention. There must be a reason for this.

In fact, I am a shopper. A number of men in my position might try to avoid the weekly trip to the supermarket, or might drudge round with little to no interest. My involvement in the shopping is somewhere between that and being the chief shopper of the household. It's better, in the man/woman relationship for the man to relinquish the supervisory role to the lady of the house, but that should not prevent one taking an interest in the contents of the shopping list, the goods on the shelves, the comparative prices, or even the manner the stock is arranged (see other articles).

Unfortunately, the interest, which I take in the shopping, comes at a price. I suffer trolley rage. I suffer blocked passage and I suffer the boredom which sets in 85% through the visit to the local supermarket. It is for this reason that I would like to present my hit-list of things which I would gladly abolish from supermarkets.

Love it or hate it, the supermarket is one place you cannot avoid visiting. I should try online shopping, but then I'd probably have a whole new set of complaints!

15 April 2001
Ashley Frieze