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What is the point of computers if they are used by the fools of the millennium?

Today I went into a shop, which shall remain nameless. I was looking for an item that I wished to buy. This item was not in stock so I asked them to order it. I was then told that the item was not available in the entire area and that I could try again next week if I wanted. I asked whether this meant that it was not available in any of the stores and was told that only the warehouses were checked by the computer - it might be on a shop floor somewhere. So, I asked for the telephone number of another store so I could ask them to check their own stocks. The staff member offered to check on my behalf while I waited.

Sadly, they could not get through to the other shop. However, while I was waiting I noticed that this store has a website. I asked if the website could be used to order this item and was told that I could get anything from there. Oh yes, this website was probably the best option for me. I was sent away with the stock code and the assurance that the website would be the perfect place to try.

I tried the website - I received almost instant response from it. Only one small problem... the website sells a minute subset of the store's products and, of course, not the one I want.

And so, here is my hit list of issues that annoy me about this encounter:

06 December 2000
Ashley Frieze