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Forget Judi Dench...

I have a problem with celebrity looky-likeys. Take my Bjork article, for instance, there was not much of a resemblance, but once I'd seen it, I couldn't shift it.

A while ago, I saw a poster of the author Jacqueline Wilson. She has a funny look about her. I've not read any of her books, but her picture made me laugh. It made me laugh because I was convinced she was a man dressed as a woman. I'm not being mean, I mean a particular man - Mark Gatiss from The League of Gentlemen. Not just dressed as a woman either. I'm pretty sure that one of the Royston Vasey characters, an Iris Krell (cleaner to Mrs Levinson and till assistant) shares genes with Ms Wilson.

So, here's the nearest I can get to documentary evidence:

Ms Wilson

Mr Gatiss as Iris

What's my angle? I have none... which is unusual!

18 March 2001
Ashley Frieze