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A letter that I'll probably never send.

It would be lovely to send this, but I doubt I'll do it...

Officer in charge of road maintenance
Newcastle City Council

Dear Sir,

I recently returned from a holiday to Antigua. While in Antigua, I rented a car and set out to explore the island. There are few road signs in the country, and most of the speed limits are set at only twenty miles per hour. In addition, the roads are in a dreadful state, composed mainly of pot holes and lumps, which must seriously increase wear and tear on the local vehicles. To add insult to injury, the Antiguan authorities have also installed speed bumps on some of their roads, often unmarked, in order to further impede one's progress.

I am writing to thank Newcastle City Council for their policy of road management and maintenance in the Grange Road area in Fenham, where I live. I enjoyed my holiday very much and it is nice to be reminded of it every time I set out from home in my own car.

Antigua is an impoverished country, what's Newcastle City Council's excuse?

Yours faithfully,

Ashley Frieze.

03 November 2001
Ashley Frieze