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Pre gig hilarity with a series of inconsistent signs

While waiting for the doors to open on what turned out to be a fairly ill-fated gig in Shoreditch, my eyes wandered around the "Music Hall Bar" just round the corner from the venue. First to catch my gaze was the specials menu:

They let the special kid write the sign

Sorry about the blurred photo. I was probably laughing quite a lot when I took it.

However, the confusion about how to make written sense didn't just stop at the blackboard. Consider the menu's breakfast offering:

You can't quite read it, but it says 9am-3pm

So, we can buy breakfast from 9am. That's good. Only:

Both opening times state the kitchen is open from 10am

So, in fact the breakfast is on offer one hour before the bar's kitchen opens. Weird. Still, maybe there's a loophole. Perhaps the bar's kitchen isn't necessary for the 9am breakfast... but...

Apparently it opens 11am every day

Whoever is cooking the breakfast at 9am must wonder why it takes a minimum of two hours before anyone ever orders it!

07 October 2006
Ashley Frieze