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Dredging the memory

I remember this particular error every so often. I have repetitively forgotten to write about it... until now!

I had to give a urine sample at the Doctor's Surgery. I went into their lavatory in order to do the business. As I was washing my hands, I found a computer printed notice advising mothers not to dispose of their young offspring's nappies by flushing them down the toilet.

Please do not flush babys's nappies down the toilet. [sic]

Naturally, I was disgusted. I brought the matter up with the Doctor, as I returned to his office. I think that they fixed the sign. I also think that this was the first occasion on which I took it upon myself to try and correct apostrophe offenders (or apostrophenders if you like). Note the date, September 1998... that's where it started!

What did they do wrong?

  1. They put the word baby into its plural by adding an s.
  2. They put the newly invented s-ending plural into its possessive by adding 's.
  3. They failed to use the spell check on their computer, which would probably have helped fix this.
  4. They failed to use any form of intelligence in the production of their sign.

What should they have done?

As far as I can see it, they had two choices.

Not so much annoying as laughable... Has anyone else any similar stories? If so, mail me.

30 January 2001
Ashley Frieze