Let's get it right home

Who is Philip, anyway?

The ubiquitous Philips. The makers of electrical goods for decades, whose tag line is let's make things better (with a correctly positioned apostrophe, mind), are well known. Lesser known is their abuse of the humble apostrophe, which I discovered by accident while trying to find a new car stereo.

Of course I had to use their contact form to alert them:

On the web site, you have an error. Go to Consumer Products -> Televisions and Audio -> Portable Audio. There are two combo-boxes which you must use to select the product and sub product.

The first combo box contains the entries "Portable Radio's" and "Clockradio's". In both cases, the apostrophe is incorrect and should be removed.

On this contact form, the apostrophe should be removed from the word "America's". [referring to the various American locations, rather than a possessive of America]


Ashley Frieze

I'll post if I get any reply.

23 April 2001
Ashley Frieze