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Convinced that there must be a reason for it all

I am coming to the conclusion that the incorrectly used apostrophe in some plurals is caused by nothing more than laziness. Someone is not sure how to make the plural, so they throw in an apostrophe instead. If they spent only ten nanoseconds thinking, they might realise their stupidity. The most recent example of this was in Rehill's in Jesmond, Newcastle. This is a general store, so they cannot be branded as simply users of the Greengrocer's apostrophe. They had a crate of peaches with the sign:


Assuming that the crate did not belong to a single peach, this was simply a case of using the apostrophe to make a plural when it cannot be used for that purpose. The correct plural uses the letter e - the most common letter in the alphabet!. Why won't people think?

10 June 2001
Ashley Frieze