Ikea's ideas home

It was sometime in 1998 (I think) and Ikea had a new season's promotion. They were suggesting, on several hundred signs around their stores, that customers should come and have a look at their "new idea's" [sic].

What did they do wrong? They put an apostrophe into a word to make the plural.

What did I do? I rang up the store and spoke to the manager of the displays.

Result: well, despite a long conversation in which I assured this manager that his signs were an embarrassment and should be replaced immediately - especially considering the effect his blatant abuse might have to the minds of the young... he told me that he'd not made the signs, they were only up for a few more days and were not worth re-printing.

I still visit Ikea, occasionally, to laugh at the silly names they give their furniture and to buy cheap and nasty things for around the home. I haven't forgiven them, though!

01 December 2000
Ashley Frieze