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The crap-stars get on my nerves

One of the main reasons I bother producing apostrophell is my fears about the effects of immersion. I know that my own ability to use the apostrophe correctly is inversely proportional to the number of bad examples I have seen in a given week. I'm lucky, though. I know the rules for usage of the apostrophe - someone took the time to teach them.

Today's youth is not so lucky. The teaching of grammar in schools is not now as important to the educators as it was when I was at school. Therefore, today's youth learn mainly by examples. When the examples are bad, then people become even more unsure of the rules and so produce further bad examples. It's something of an epidemic.

Shocked and disgusted was I, therefore, to see that the arbitrary use of the apostrophe has reached greater and more foul heights. The new album from the popstars is called hear say and has the following artwork:

What is all this about? Why the apostrophe? Is this some new twist on the insert apostrophe before any s just to be on the safe side rule?

I don't know what it is, but I don't like it...

P.S. I eventually worked out that the album was called Pop Stars and the band "Hear'Say"... I see no reason for the apostrophe still. However, it's good to see Shrek getting work outside of the movies.

Written: 15 March 2001
Updated: 25 February 2002
Ashley Frieze