They've gone too far home

Strange punctuation in The Journal of Strange Phenomena

I subscribe to The Fortean Times a journal of strange phenomena, read by anoraks everywhere. Obviously, the readership are the sort of people who would find combination tools quite exciting - I know I am. So, it is quite a good idea for a company advertising such tools to admonish their prospective clients of the limited availability of such tools:

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Can you see the problem? It seems that Heinnie Hayes (which I'm sure will sound like something to do with one's backside to our American readers) have no idea how to write an advert.

What did they do wrong? They used the word their to attempt the meaning of they are
What should they have done? They should have either written it out in full, or put an apostrophe after they and in place of the a of are - they're!

There, that wasn't so hard was it? Their their there showed they're ignorant! Visit their tawdry website and let them know - I cannot be bothered.

18 February 2001
Ashley Frieze