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This test has been on the site for ages, and has now been superseded by the all new one.

Hello. Welcome to the apostrophell apostrophe test. This test consists of ten sentences which are wrong. In some cases, apostrophes have been omitted, in others there is a choice of words to use (those words may also require you to add an apostrophe). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to correct these sentences and email them to

You will receive a personal reply from me, explaining any mistakes and telling you how many sentences you got right. I reserve the right to publish the details of your mistakes, though I will keep people's names confidential. The aim of the exercise is to amuse and inform. Don't forget to check the guide if you want tips.

  1. Martins records were sounding very loud because his stereo was at its maximum volume.
  2. Sundays are my least favourite days.
  3. Sandras new car comes with three years free insurance and its a pleasure to drive.
  4. The dog owners club meets three times a year.
  5. The childrens entertainer, whose/whos car broke down, turned up late.
  6. Your/youre the performer whos/whose these girls favourite pop star.
  7. Dont forget your/youre toothbrush, its in the bathroom cabinet.
  8. Carrots my favourite vegetable.
  9. I love sprouts because their/theyre/there so tasty.
  10. Five dogs puppies/puppys barking is too much for my eardrums.
  11. I am going to the ladies toilets.

Click here for the answers.

01 March 2003

P.S. I know it's eleven sentences, not ten, but this is an apostrophe test, not a mathematics exam!