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When twee incorrect apostrophe usage is painted in foot high letters

What is it with people? How many times do I have to say it. The apostrophe is not used to make a word plural! Having said that, I read somewhere that the apostrophe used to be used before the S on plurals in the past. Perhaps there's some bizarre genetic memory making people do it still. It's still indefensible. We have an education system, we have rules of language and there was no need for the writer of this sign to waste paint on an apostrophe when telling people about the rules of door non-usage:

This sign suggests that there is something, belonging to the door, that you are not allowed to use. Perhaps there's another 3 foot of the sign below ground saying "handles, thank you". I doubt it. This sign should read "Please do not use the doors". I would put the definite article in too, but this is not definite-artichell, so I'll not bleat about that one.

02 October 2004
Ashley Frieze